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October 03, 2007



That was exemplary piano skills Leif has demonstrated. Indeed, very sensitive hands of a pianist. It's quite amusing there are pictures of his hands poised, above the keyboard of the piano itself, and that's how I became enlightened to the fact I can never play like that! You've got a very talented, intelligent and overall AWESOME son.

(from a friend-of-Leif's)


It is easy as a parent to have unjustified pride in one's children just because you love them. But I think objectively there is ample reason to be proud of Leif. Is he perfect? No. But he exhibited some marvelous qualities this night in his confident bearing, his thoughtfulness, and the way he approached the piano playing. He needs to keep going with this, it is something that enriches his life in ways he cannot imagine yet, but I can see him developing a beautiful relationship with a piano.

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