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March 24, 2008


Chris Aher

Although I hadn’t thought about him in many decades, stumbling on this website brought back the memory of my acquaintance with Dr. Rainwater and the profound impact that it ultimately had on me. About fifty years ago, when I was eight years old, Clarence and his wife were friends with my parents in Miami, Florida. One evening at dinner, Professor Rainwater (as we as children were supposed to address him) was describing a speed reading course that he had taken. I found this fascinating and asked him to show me how this was done. After dinner he showed me and told me to practice to improve my reading speed. Over the next year or so I did just that. I worked out my own variation of the technique and ultimately got my reading speed up to well above 1000 words per minute. Shortly thereafter, my parents split up and I moved to NYC where this skill allowed me to take best advantage of the wonderful library system there. This led to my lifelong passion of learning that has allowed me to have several interesting and successful but disparate careers over the forty years of my working life.

I spoke with my Dad yesterday. He also remembered Clarence fondly. He said that he originally met Clarence through his wife, from whom he had taken a creative writing class. He also said that they were involved in a nudist organization of some sort.

Thanks Tony for bringing back these memories and thanks to Clarence for pointing me in the right direction fifty years ago

Mike Petersen

Although I did not know Clarence long his memory will last forever with me,I had the pleasure of living with Clarence for the last six months of his life and will be forever in his dept Clarence's inspiration encouragement and help starting my new enterprize (spy&cameramuseum) in Herberton is a favour I will never forget.Clarence was a genorous and humble man a true gentleman,Clarence's legacy will live on through the museum as he donated his Camera's and Photographs to the museum and will be displayed through our web site.
Thank's Clarence.Clarence Rainwater 1920-2008


I knew Clarence for many years in the SF bay area. Before Clarence left for Australia I purchased his entire collection of photographic prints, including many nudes, solarized prints etc, Beautiful images, Anyone intersted in publishing them?

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